To reset  Volume count to zero in a Project  of Horizon Dashboard

To reset  Volume count to zero in a Project  

mysql -u root -p

->show databases;

->use cinder;

->show tables;

->select * from quota_usages;

-> update quota_usages set in_use=’0′ where project_id=”466f7fb19ab44416b0973e83ccaabe71″; (Where Project Id = the ID of the Project from “Openstack project list”)

This updates both volume and Volume storage  under overview of the project.

Make sure to delete all the volumes and then reset the counter to zero


To clear rabbitmq queue

Login to one of the rabbitmq-nodes: juju ssh rabbitmq-server/0

List the queues with their messages from openstack:   sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues -p openstack

Purge the queue (this one had all the messages) : sudo rabbitmqctl purge_queue -p openstack

To limit overall bandwidth for a VM in Openstack

To create that VM with specific flavour.

Create flavour as below

openstack flavor set m1.tiny \

–property quota:vif_outbound_average=2048 \

–property quota:vif_outbound_peak=4096 \

–property quota:vif_outbound_burst=4096 \

–property quota:vif_inbound_average=2048 \

–property quota:vif_inbound_peak=4096 \

–property quota:vif_inbound_burst=4096



To remove volumes from Mysql data base

Login to mysql

Juju ssh mysql/0 (If you have deployed Openstack using juju)

mysql -u root -p (Enter mysql password)

->show databases;

->use cinder;

->show tables;

->select * from volumes where id=””; (Id is volume id which is to be  deleted)

->update volumes set status=Deleted,deleted=1 where id=””; (Id is volume id which is to be  deleted)